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If you ever planned to travel to China, watch out! This film shows, what can happen to harmless people in a teahouse. Especially for fans of the Kung-Fu genre, a must-have-seen!

Kommentar des Regisseurs

This film was made for „short film contest“ by Amped-Productions on brickfilms.com. There were only three entries for this contest („a short fight sequence choreographed to any musical track“) and this film made the second place.

For this contest I tried to do some special effects, that’s why there are some ‚jumping‘ and ‚flying‘ film sequences. It is the first time not only Lego is shown: there are printed banners with chinese letters on the walls and through the windows and doors you can see colored paper. I think with these details the set becomes more realistic. And also new: an english and a german version of the film.

Did you noticed that …

  • the sound when second ninja is thrown against the table is ‚falling pins from bowling‘
  • the chinese letters on the banners stand for (from top to bottom): luck, long life, love, beautiful, richness (taken from this page)
  • a ‚cool‘ guest disturbed by some contentious men and leaving as winner can found in similar way in the film „Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon“ (I found that after I made the film script)
  • the ’standing on the sword‘ scene was inspired by „Kill Bill“ (I saw a photo of that before)

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