Huch, bin ich jetzt dran …?

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Julia is a strong young woman and has gone through so many difficulties in her ordinary life. One of her typical moments is shown in this short film.

Kommentar des Regisseurs

This film is kind of spin-off to „Quiz-Fieber“ with a little invented story:

„Lara Brickstone in one of her best roles!
This film was made in early 2002 and was nominated for two of the bricktown oscar awards (‚best short film‘ and ‚best female actress‘). But unfortunately he won no prize at all!
The production company was very disappointed and that’s why the film never became public. Even all film copies were destroyed! But by accident a film projectionist found 2007 a single copy of this lost master piece in his private archive.
Boettcher Productions could help to digitize this jewel of film productions.
Now we are happy to present it in full remastered version (be aware the originally film was made a long time ago … about five years, I think).“

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