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A tv quiz show with a surprising winner …

Kommentar des Regisseurs

Entry for the German brickfilm festival „Steinerei 2007“ in Hannover. The theme for the contest was „Geflügelte Worte“ (= „words of wisdom“).

Some reminiscences to (german) quiz shows …

  • the word ’nigelnagelneu‘ (= brand spanking new) was an often used phrase by Walter Freiwald in ‚Der Preis ist heiß‘ (= The Price is Right)
  • choosing prices behind gates is in similar form the main game in ‚Geh aufs Ganze!‘ (= Let’s Make a Deal)
  • also typical for this show was shouting which gate to choose by the audience for helping the candidates
  • exceeding the end of the show is very common for years in ‚Wetten dass …?‘ (german saturday night show since 1981 – no classical quiz show)

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