The Golden Elephant

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Danny Fisher has gone through a lot of adventures. But one is still waiting for him: The Golden Elephant!

Will he find him? And what about this young lady …?

Kommentar des Regisseurs

This film was made for the „High Adventure Theatre“ contest on Twenty films has joined the contest and only the best ones were shown live at Brickfest 2004 in Washington DC on 08/15/2004. The main difficulty was, that no copyright material was allowed to use, because of public performance on brickfest and because all the films go on a DVD which was sold at that event.

So I did some recordings of sound effects by myself. Some music was taken from the internet with permission of the authors (thanks to Mary Shaw for the fanfare and KanKan for some sitar sounds.

To do my best, I used a 3D-Software („Text3D“) to make a special intro. Other special is the flashback effect in some sequences.

Also I tried to improve the movements of the minifigs: some ’swinging‘ when raising arms and let them fall down, ’swinging hair‘ (of young lady) and ’swinging‘ elephants snout.

It is the first film, where I was helped by my wife for voice acting. She also helped by making a little colorful tent and a sleeping bag for the main actors.

Did you noticed that …

  • the posters in the bar are taken from my films „Lionheart’s Birthday“ and „Dancing Girl“
  • some Duplo parts where used (trunk and some trees and leaves in the background)

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